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Constantinos Demetriou is a well known name in the local Australian bodybuilding scene, and Australia's most recent bodybuilder to achieve IFBB professional status. Born 7th July 1972 in Sydney Australia, Con grew in Orchard Hills. He started bodybuilding at age 16, and entered his first show a year later at 70kg (154lbs) which he won. After winning his first Mr. Australia title at 23 yrs old, he went on to win many more. He holds a numbers of titles at the amateur level, including six national titles. A personal trainer by profession, he once served as a personal trainer to the late Princess Diana.

Con became the first Australian male to compete in the NPC Arnold Classic Amateur Competition held in March 2008 in Columbus Ohio in the Super Heavyweight class where he placed 8th, competing againest top ranked international amateurs from Germany, Poland, Holland, Lithuania, Spain and the USA. Con Demetriou made his IFBB pro debut at the 2008 Australian Grand Prix placing 11th. He was at the 15th place of the Ironman pro Championships in 2009.

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