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IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Jaroslav Horvath is one of the world’s most symmetrical and balanced bodybuilders and a legend in his home country of Slovakia. He was born in Košice, the same town as another Tribu Muscu favorite, Stefan Havlik. Jaroslav won the IFBB World Championships in 1999. We shot Jaroslav Horvath in New York in 2006, just after the New York Pro Show, when he sported a huge, shredded physique. This multiple award-winner places at or near the top at every pro competition he enters.
Video: at 40 years, Jaroslav Horvath 5 weeks out of Olympia 2011
You'll see exactly how Evan has brought up his back from last year - by slaughtering it with every tool in the shed! Dumbbells, machines, and cables all join in as The Ox assaults his back from every angle.
video: Jaroslav Horvath August 2011 training and posing.
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