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5'8" 36 year old Stefan Havlík, 2011 European Amateur heavyweight champ, 2010 European Amateur light-heavy and overall champ, win the Arnold Amateur 2012 Men’s Heavyweight (up to 100 kg). This class had some battles! Had the whole show been today, I feel that Slovenia’s Miha Zuhan would have walked away with it. The man was insanely full and shredded, with the clearest glute striations in the whole show. His delts and quads are also spectacular. But he was flat yesterday when it really counted. Runner-up Oleksandr Slobodyanyuk from the Ukraine had a lot of shredded mass. But in the end, it was pre-contest favorite Stefan Havlik from Slovakia who took the class. Stefan has a great overall shape and balance, with particularly good legs. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself came out to present the Overall trophy to Heavyweight Stefan Havlik, who will now be eligible to become an IFBB Pro and who also earns an automatic invitation in 2013 to compete in the Arnold Classic.
see below Mens Arnold amateur heavyweight callout video
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